Work was great today because they trusted me to do very important tasks! Stuff only higher ups get to do! I love that I have proven myself in the past few weeks to get the chance to do those things.

In other news I finally experienced a deep freezer soaking wet and I 100% don’t recommend it. 

Hahahaha I’m glad someone else is suffering from the whole wet wetsuit in a freezer thing!

Its that time of year again.

Time to lose sleep over the stress of letters of recommendation. 

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I work with a movie star 🌟#50firstdates #walruslove #walrustrainerintraining


Largo, Gulf World Marine Park

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as the prophet childish gambino once said “dont be mad cause im doing me better than u doing u”

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why do jellyfish only sting when theres physical contact

why doesnt the electricity just surge throughout the entire ocean

why dont jellyfish rule the world

Fun fact!  Jellyfish don’t use electricity to sting you.  Whenever they feel pressure against their tentacles, it causes its cells to rapidly send out these stingers into your skin that then release its venom.  Like this:


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r u for real

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